"Seductive, Interstellar Funk” - Okayplayer

                “the perfect mix of skill and energy to keep you hooked from start to finish” - Earmilk

“…the…songs…capture the band's experimentalblend of indie rock, jazz, funk, and dream pop” - The Deli Magazine

Translated from Sanskrit, Maitri (”my tree”) is an unconditional love and acceptance of self that extends outward into the world. Formed in Chicago by Caroline Davis, it has become a collective songwriting outfit for both her and Ben Hoffmann since its relocation to Brooklyn. Featuring soulful vocals over polyrhythmic grooves, the group also uses experimental sounds and effects to create a lush sonic landscape. Maitri is the soundtrack for the inevitable ushering in of the new world order.

Often accompanied by a powerful and dynamic rhythm section that includes Sam Weber on bass and Jay Sawyer on drums, Maitri is a new sound that challenges traditional norms and provides a unique musical experience in this ever-changing world.

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